Transport law, involving shipping by land, sea or air, is the expression of trade par excellence. It is governed by regulation and case law which are in constant evolution. Short periods of limitation which require rapid action, the application of national rules combined with international conventions, capped damages… – transport and logistics law have numerous specificities.


Cyril BOURAYNE and Sigrid PREISSL have developed significant expertise in this specific sector of law with complex practices.

Thanks to the expert knowledge gained in litigation and technical surveys in the transport sector, they advise and assist their clients in the different fields of law linked to logistics and national and international transportation.

Cyril BOURAYNE and Sigrid PREISSL plead regularly on behalf of major insurers operating in the land and maritime transport sector. They also advise on a daily basis middle sized companies with respect to their freight forwarding and logistics activities. The firm also provides support to victims of airplane crashes that imply French interests, acting directly or as correspondents for international law firms.

Their reactive and dedicated team is familiar with all aspects of national and international litigation in the transport and logistics sector and advises in English, German and Spanish.


Some significant achievements:

  • Drafting and adaptation of frame contracts in the logistics and transportation sector (French, German, English).
  • Defense of the interests of a major French insurance company, insurer of a road carrier having lost the control of his truck due to a defective loading operations and insufficient safeguarding of the cargo, both attributable to the foreign sender. Follow up of technical and financial expert appraisal and subsequent judicial proceedings engaged on the merits by the cargo interests who alleged commitment of gross negligence by the road carrier. Exposure of more than 2 million euros. Procurement of a favorable decision in the first instance, the claim having been rejected on procedural grounds.
  • Regular legal opinions on behalf of actors of the transportation and logistics sector regarding regulations applicable in France (law “Savary” form July 10th 2014, law “Macron” from August 6th 2015).
  • Assistance and legal opinions on behalf of collectivities of victims of airplane crashes in France or implying French interests, directly or in collaboration with anglo-saxon firms in the frame of class actions engaged in the USA or Canada.
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