Drafting and negotiating labor contracts, dismissals, harassment at work, non-compete clauses, legislation regarding working hours, restructuring and social plans, protection of employees at work, occupational accidents, questions related to staff representatives, social protection of employees, mobility clauses… – labor law is part of the daily business of every company.

Our experience acquired in labor law profits to companies, staff representatives and employees for all employment issues.

The firm BOURAYNE & PREISSL defends specifically the interests of French companies or international companies with affiliate companies in France which it accompanies daily on legal and strategic issues related to labor law. The firm also frequently advises employees.

In labor law, like in all other sectors, the firm always strives to respond to its clients’ queries in a competent manner, quickly and with added value. Our practical and pragmatic approach and advice is based on the most current law sources and case law. However, while doing so, we always keep in mind the goal which our clients intend to achieve and adapt to the financial consequences of the issues raised.

The firm always focuses to solve legal problems in a pragmatic way and defends its clients while suggesting a realistic procedural strategy, conveying to the client the keys of problem solving. The firm also assists its clients in the course of settlement negotiations. In individual and collective lawsuits, it also defends its clients before court.


Some significant achievements:

  • Assistance of an anglo-saxon Group, specialized in aviation technologies regarding the implementation of collective redundancy proceedings in France and complex social restructuring operations.
  • Draft of labor contracts for executives, in English, German and French with special clauses (non-compete, non-solicitation of employees, international mobility, cession of intellectual property rights, etc.).
  • Assistance before labour courts of an executive employee working in France, following her abusive dismissal, whose employment contract was artificially submitted to Belgian and Spanish law in order to escape from the application of French legislation. Procurement of a favorable decision before the French Supreme Court, commented by scholars.
  • Assistance of staff representatives of an American media group in the frame of restructuring operations following the closure of a French site.
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